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Friday, October 19, 2018



Lowest Taxes consistently 4 years running 2.08% tax increase for 2018. (1% in 2017, 0% 2016, 1% 2015)

Waterfront Walkway Departure Bay to Estuary in progress

Port Drive Waterfront Masterplan completed.
·         Review Secondary Suites Bylaw
·         Review Duplex Triplex infill bylaw; potential use of Micro Housing use in subdivisions and as Secondary Suites. Allowance of secondary suites in Duplex/Tri Plexes.
·         Review of per door contribution in subdivisions; towards Housing Legacy Resrve Fund: increase and Expand usage of.
Nanaimo’s Homelessness Action Plan

CSR 1 First part of core review and Deloitte Reports completed.  Potential saving and streamlining that could result in millions in savings that could be used to keep taxes low, increase service provision and hiring of new employees for such.

CSR Summary:
Motion passed in late 2017 to proceed towards implementing part 2 of CSR in early 2018 STALLED
DEC 4: 54117 It was moved and seconded that Council direct Staff to make recommendations on the scope of Phase 2 of the Core Review with the intent upon Council approval of moving forward as early in 2018 as possible. The motion carried.

Numerous policy reviews and revisions:

Bylaw 7000 - Management Terms and Conditions of Employment completed but moved to next council for adoption

Purchase Card policy revision in progress STALLED

Colliery Dam Park and expansion and GNWD lands added as PARK PASSED

Gordon Street Hotel to commence construction downtown this year.

Deep Ocean Discovery Centre proposed for the Wellcox Property
see pg 4&5

Discovery Center

Purchase by city of Serauxmen Stadium and Rotary Bowl, confirming its commitment to the Sports Corridor and ensuring generations of use. Professional size field in place; joint agreement with the SD 68 and development of a beautiful all weather field.

Development of Harewood Activity Park with two playing surfaces one covered

State of the Art Stevie Smith Bike Park built to World Class standards

Nanaimo Hospitality Association investing approximately $450,000.00 annually through a Hotel Tax
OCTOBER 2018New Changes to the Municipal and Regional District Tax (MRDT) allow funds to go towards affordable housing
See page 27

Tanya Dr property purchased to add to Linley Valley park

Growth of economic development

The City, for three consecutive years, has increased its Building Permits and huge growth from such. Trades workers thriving

Nanaimo Airport numbers up considerably
BC Ferries numbers up considerably

Real Estate market setting records
More progress in last 4 years compared to any term prior.

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