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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

KONTROVERSY, when will it end.

Actual post date January 29th: Being a bit lax on the blogging I had left this as a DRAFT, learned something new in that it posts with the original date of writing it.

The following column appeared in the Daily News a while back. I sent off a letter to the editor, below, but sadly it was not published. I hear through the grapevine that former mayor Korpan is still moving forward with the lawsuit and will update as I hear more.

Column: Libel laws may be outdated

Letter to the Editor (January 14 - 2008)

Other than the initial veiled threats to some members of Friends of Plan Nanaimo when the bumper stickers first appeared as well as the current Law Suits against Angela Negrin (proprietor of Pirate Chips), and Tony Parkin (long time advocate for Lifeguards at our public beaches and No High-Rises on our waterfront), I can find no instances of others being sued for displaying the Free Nanaimo from Koruption bumper sticker. Oddly enough, early on in his vendetta, former Mayor Korpan stated that he would track down and prosecute to the fullest extent those that displayed the Free Nanaimo from Koruption bumper sticker. So why pick the two he did? We may never know the answer to this but my guess is because both have been vocal on various issues within the city.

We may also never know who in reality created the bumper stickers but our former mayor can thank no one but himself for their interest in the public eye. His initial threat to some directors of Friends of Plan Nanaimo contained an imbedded copy of the very bumper sticker he is suing over. I for one, as an amused recipient, forwarded his e-mail to others and am positive I was not the only person to do so. A simple cut and paste of the picture would allow anyone to create the sticker.

I have one final thing to say on the subject, Mr. Korpan if you don’t want to be remembered by the public as a petulant whiner drop the lawsuit and apologize to Tony and Angela.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Korpan should drop the lawsuit, but it should be only if Angela and Tony apologize for slandering Gary without any proof whatsoever. An apology from Korpan is not warranted, nor would most expect him to give one.

Why wouldn't it be Angela/Tony apologizing to Korpan, they were the ones who started the whole issue, not Gary. If they didn't make the sticker this would have never been an issue. Right? I hope this get posted...

......... Gord Fuller ......... said...

John, thanx for your post. It seems that the Koruption issue is the one most people comment on when they come to my blog. My see my latest on the continuing saga.