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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Been a couple of weeks since I pulled out of the by-election, sorry for the delay in posting this. As I said in one of the stories below it had absolutely nothing to do with not receiving labour council endorsement. When making the decision to support Darcy Olsen I chose her because she seems to have the most well rounded experience needed to be effective on council. What with all the crap from Mark Robinson, links to stories below, I could in no way endorse Ted Greves as despite an e-mail from him saying Mark was not a part of his campaign there is still lingering doubt in my mind.

Feb 19 2011
Byelection:field of candidates seeking powerful 9th council seat less crowded on final day

Feb 19 2011
Fuller withdraws from race and supports Olsen

My decision was based on commitments I have made to expand the 7-10 Club to 7 day a week service as well as work to secure funding for the Unitarian Fellowship Shelter for the next couple of years. If elected, it was to me looking like it was a distinct possibility, I would have had to remove myself as Chair of the 7-10 Club and the likelihood of the 7 day a week service not happening would have been almost certain. If I am unable to meet these commitments how could I justify being elected to council and the commitment to a public, in that capacity, I had already failed.

The next general election will come soon enough and by then I will have accomplished the above goals. I will most certainly be running in the General Election.

Feb 18 2011
Influential unions tell members to support Olsen in byelection

Feb 18 2011
candidate is publicizing private correspondence

Feb 17 2011
Byelection candidates asked to get out of race to create strong labour support

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Election Endorsements

Was invited to a selection process by the Nanaimo, Duncan & District Labour Council for who they will endorse in the Nanaimo Byelection. Looked for a website but was only able to find a facebook page, FACEBOOK Nanaimo, Duncan & District Labour Council . Will write more on this soon and let folk know the outcome. Bottom line is that while it would be nice to get their and other groups support I firmly believe that ultimately the member will, while taking the groups recomendation into consideration, make their own decision on whom to vote for.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bestwicks Legal Opinion & LED Signs

My opinion on both of these is quite simple

Bestwick's legal opinion not released As taxpayers we are footing the bill, or a portion there-of, for Bestwick's legal opinion and so should be entitled to see exactly what that opinion was. It would be interesting to know which councilors voted not to release the information.

The original reqest for a variance by Boston Pizza to put up an LED sign should have been flatly denied or referred to a later date. Every councilor knew that City Staff were revizing the sign bylaw to include LED signage guidlines and as such should have waited until this was done before hearing anything to do with this type of sign.

I attended every council meeting to do with this issue and let me tell you it was probably one of the most painful issues I have ever had the pleasure of sitting through.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Cold Wet Weather Shelter

First Unitarian Fellowship asked by council to keep shelter doors open

It is for this reason that I am vocal on homeless and social issues in the community. Getting council, with the help of Wallace Malay, to approve and put forward the monies needed to see this happen has been a highlight of this year and if the only highlight will have been well worth the effort.

I have known Orville Drake, profiled in the above story, for many years and while he does drink a bit, too much some would say, he has always been a respectful and courteous individual and someone I am proud to call friend. He and his perenial companion Carol are exactly the type of people who will benefit from the supportive housing that will be built in the community.

Stories such as this in the Daily News put a human face on those that the community fear will eat their kids and steal their pets, or vica versa, and if the community were to get to know them they would see first hand why Supportive Social Housing is needed and that many of their fears are unfounded.

Valentines Day

As I say in the story from the Bulletin, “We want to see anybody in the community who wants to come down and have a good time. This is not strictly for homeless – this is a community dinner.”

I believe that if a lot of those who are fearful of the Supportive Housing being proposed in the community were to come to this event, or simply drop down to the 7-10 Club community breakfast program, they would see exactly who will benefit not just from this type of housing but other social housing as well.

Group offers meals on Valentines Day Daily News

Working Group serves dinner to the community Nanaimo News Bulletin