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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kontroversy continued

The saga it doth continue. In the Friday February 27th issue, link below, of the Daily News former Mayor Korpan states, "we are proceeding".

'Koruption' suit still going ahead

Most of the comments I seem to get are on the Koruption issue. In the last, see comments in Kontroversy When Will It End, John Dawes agrees Korpan should drop the lawsuit but only if Ms. Negrin and Mr. Parkin offer him an appology.

I would put it to John that Angela and Tony are but two of hundreds to display the bumper sticker and should not have been singled out for doing so. In one of the early news stories about this Gary said he would track down all of those displaying the sticker and yet the focus has been on only the two. I'm sorry to say but at this point I can only see the continuation of the lawsuit as self serving. The only appology that needs to be offered is by Mr. Korpan to Tony and Angela.

Letter to the editor sent earlier today;

Former Mayor Korpan’s ongoing vendetta against Tony Parkin and Angela Negrin must stop.

Why has the focus been on these two when Mr. Korpan at one time stated he would track down all of those displaying the bumper sticker? While he has alleged that Mr. Parkin produced the sticker he has never provided the evidence to back this up and yet evidence exists that he himself may be responsible for its prevalence. During his initial threats to sue members of Friends of Plan Nanaimo, including myself, an e-mail was sent by him that had a picture of the offending sticker embedded in the document. I have no doubt that his e-mail was forwarded on to others and that any number of people could have reproduced it.

I have to ask, is this what Mr. Korpan wants to be remembered for or would he rather be remembered for his many years of valued public service? Please Mr. Korpan, end this now and Free "Nanaimo from Kontroversy".


Anonymous said...

The joke will ultimately be on Korpan anyway. I don't know about the Parkin dude, but suing Negrin is like drawing blood from a stone. What does Korpan have to gain except a couple of used and worthless deep fryers or a van worth 50 bucks at the most??

......... Gord Fuller ......... said...

Don't think he needs the deep fryers. Tony is a regular guy who works for a living and like most of us does not have a lotta extra cash on hand. Tony has butted heads with the former mayor in trying to keep high-rises off the waterfront as well as getting lifegaurds back at our public beaches. I know he will feel the pinch from lawyer costs on this.

dilling said...

his Korpulance?