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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Empired Out

The two letters below are from the Bulletin, one from June 4th. This has been the most published feedback on the subject of Empire Days ever and whether positive, from my point of view, or negative it has been worth while discussion. My favourite, perhaps this one was not so worthwhile, was the letter that stated Simon Schachner and I were Professional Activists. Golly gee, if I could get paid for this does that mean I can quit my day job?

Perhaps even better was a phone message I received one day, have kept it for posterity. It went like this; Are you the activist that is trying to destroy Nanaimo's heritage by eliminating(pregnant pause) Empire Days? Well if so why don't you get your life together, get your act together, and get a fucking job. Guess if I was to quit my job he might actually have something.

Anyway through discussion comes change and while it may seem slow it is in the longrun inevitable.

From the Bulletin:

Nothing shameful about our history published June 4, 2009
(This comes in a three pack and is the third letter down, a good one re homelessness 2nd down as well)

Colonizers took land Published: May 29, 2009


Anonymous said...

The message was sent loud and clear at the parade during Empire Days. There were hundreds more there to celebrate, while a select few were there to try to wreck it for the kids and families enjoying the afternoon. Your vocal minority cannot make the rules in this town, no matter how loud and hard your cry.
Gord I respect some of the work you do in the community, don't get mixed up with that talker Simon, who doesn't really get anything accomplished in this town. Simon is just a talker without any listeners.

......... Gord Fuller ......... said...

Thanx Anonymous. Parades tend to gather many onlookers and this one was no different. Simon's event following the parade also gathered a lot of onlookers. Both benefit the community.