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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Holy Crap am I tardy

Been 2 months since I posted anything, one would think nothing is happening in this fair city. Been very busy with a number of things one being the Neighbourhood Plan for the Southend. Check out the South End Community Associations blog , we have had a number of great comments from the other Neighbourhood Associations. Kudo's to Barbara Densmore, Larry Gambone and former Nanaimo resident Anne Thompson (who helped design it for SECA) for being dilligent in getting it out every month. We are probably the most active community association and have a great group of directors and volunteeers throughout the community.

I just noticed that links in my blog to stories from the Nanaimo Bulletin don't seem to go anywhere. Bummer and will check it out to see if I can rectify it. Speaking of the Bulletin, a month or so ago I had spoken to Toby Gorman (reporter) regarding the comment option for the Bulletin
not being as user friendly as the one in the Daily News . We had a few e-mail exchanges over the subject and I completely forgotten about it, except to note it remained a pain in the ass. Today I noticed the Bulletin has now improved theirs so am now hoping to be able to view comments to their stories without the hassle of signing in. The comments are one of my favourite reads but be aware that as the story moves on one needs to click on it to view any comments added after you have initially viewed them.

Anyway will once again attempt to post on a more regular basis.


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