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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Starvation Army Part Two

And so they charge again Free lunch ends . On January 20th, coincidently the day people receive income assistance, the Salvation Army started to once again charge $1.00 for lunch.

"The $1 charge is being brought back to help offset costs as they deal with growing demand."
What a crock of shit this comment is. The S/A have been, for months, quoting numbers of upwards of 200 plus people accessing the free lunch. Members of the Creative Awareness Collective have been doing counts of their own which turn up numbers half of what the S/A says are going through their doors.

The numbers are in actuality along the same lines as those of the 7-10 Club which sees on average just over 100 people coming and accessing their FREE breakfast and bag lunch program. Rob Anderson of the S/A has stated that their annual budget for the lunch program is $250,000.00. This is more than double the $110,000.00 that the 7-10 Club spent to provide its service.

Whats up with that and what are the true reasons that the Salvation Army is charging for meals? Hopefully, after wading through all the bullshit excuses, the truth will come out. Alas, as with most of what this organization does, secrecy seems to be the way.

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