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Friday, March 26, 2010


The Liberal Government, Conservatives in disguise, of British Columbia has sunk to an even new low for them. This latest story in the Nanaimo Daily News, Children’s meal program latest grant funding cut , shows just how low the Liberals are willing to sink.

Please, if you are as disgusted as I am with the ongoing cuts affecting the disenfranchized and poor of our province follow this link and let all members of government know BC MLA's .

Letter to editor Sent March 26
All sarcasm aside the latest word of cuts to the hot meal program for teen’s and low-income parents run by Little Ferns Early Learning Centre infuriate me. Here is the province with the highest child poverty rates in Canada and the Liberal Government is cutting the budgets of many of the very programs that help alleviate child poverty.

Cuts in funding to programs like this not only affect the families that through the availability of the daycare and meal program are able to pursue employment or education. Existing community meal programs and food banks will also shoulder the burden of increased need and yet you can bet there will be no corresponding funding to match.

Honestly, I do not know how members of this government can sleep at night. What is even worse is I have little doubt they will come up with some inane excuse to rationalize what they are doing.

If this isn't bad enough there is really no compelling reason for members of the government to give a rats ass about the effects of their decisions. Conscience aside they can sleep tight knowing that even if they don’t regain power in the next election most will receive juicy little pensions provided in part by those very people they seem to care so little about.

Published March 27
Funding cuts to youth group are truly appalling


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