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Friday, July 9, 2010

Cheri (Cheryl Lynn Sim)

The death (murder) of Cheri (Cheryl Lynn Sim) has affected me pretty hard since word came on june 29th of her death. I have been working with the homeless and those in poverty for about 15years and in those years I have known quite a number of people who have passed away. Usually this happens from misadventure or health problems related to street life. What makes Cheri's death particularily sad is the sheer senselessness of it.

I give kudoes to Sue De Ballinard, a neighbour in the vicinity of where Cheri was murdered, who with myself arranged, in the matter of two days, to have a Vigil/Memorial for Cheri near the location of her death. Over 100 people from all walks of life showed up and I am certain that given more time the number would have been over 200. It was a great celebration of life and a tribute to Cheri from the many people she came into contact with in her time in Nanaimo. Cheri was only on the street for approx. 2 years but in that time her soul touched many including myself. I will forever cherish the hug she gave me on the day of her death.

Kudoes also to the RCMP. The RCMP have been throroughly investigating this and I hope when a suspect is finally arrested the evidence is there to put the person away for life. Also many thanks to Danielle Bell and other reporters for not letting this story die. You have kept in in the news for over a week and in doing so help to keep Cheri's memory alive. Thank you all.

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