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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tardy again

Okay so nothing for a bit again. Been asked why I do not put more on the blog and I think I have come up with a rationalle. What I tend to put on the blog is stuff around Homelessness and Poverty with a smattering of Civic and other issues. Many bloggers will do daily updates with a lot of persoanal stuff, me not so. I mean really who in there right mind wants to know whether I piss sitting down or enjoy watching reality programs, if thats the case then call me.

Part of why I post so seldom is that I live what I am talking about. I have a full time job working with youth, coordinate the 7-10 Club Societies Breakfast Program, sit on a number of Boards and Committees (including the Working Group on Homelessness) and am involved with a few neighbourhood groups (currently chairing the Nanaimo Neighbourhood Network). All this towards making Nanaimo a Community that is ONEforALL.

I also, on weekends, will take a walk Downtown to see who is out and about and how things are going. I do not discriminate and while my intent is to talk to the street folk (buskers, homeless, etc.) will even take time for the mayor and others I may run across.

So, and here is a bit of personal, when I do have free time I like to rent DVD's, the gorier the better. The pretty colours help me to turn off the brain.

So the upshot is; with this blog you get what you get.


Anonymous said...

All the best to you too.
Keep up the good work.


Anthony said...

Thanks for all your hard work in this community Gord, and happy turkey day to you. Oh and you can now piss while standing again, Until you find someone to bitch at you.

Cheers my friend. Anthony&Cheryl.

Unknown said...

Thanks Anthony&Cheryl for the insight into why Gord stands or sits. Soon as I read that I related..