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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Conference Centre Cop Out (re-edited March 11th)

Updated, on 11th, and corrected some figures.

This in the Dailey News. Conference Centre could get another helping hand

These particular comments pissme off; "Incessant criticism, however, will only hurt the facility and is ultimately a self-fulling prophecy, should more people subscribe to such a way of thinking, according to VICC manager Denise Tacon." "We have a much stronger momentum coming out of this recession and this community needs to embrace where we're going," she said. "Negativity breeds negativity and we will be deciding our own future, if that's the approach we take."

What a cop out and utter bullshit, blaming those that were against the NNC in the first place for its continued drain on the Taxpayers of the city.

The reality is that it is Denise Tacon’s job to get bookings and if it is not happening then it is her failure and not that of the citizens of Nanaimo. The other bit of smoke and mirrors in this story is when they talk about delegate days.

Below is what has happened and is estimated in terms of delegate days. Even were they to reach the 16,000 expected for 2011 that is roughly only 2.5% of the total possible. This is by no means anything to ber proud of and one can expect with numbers like this that we will again be subsidizing to the tune of over $1million.

Yes we need to figure out means to increase the numbers of events and conferences, yes we need to look at means to bring in local folk, we are paying for the damned thing so it is a no brainer that something needs to be done. To blame those who criticize this for its ongoing failure is ludicrous.

First on my list of improvements would be to make eliminate a little waste in the administration department of the NNC, first being Denise Tacon. Heads should roll and hopefully come the next general election folk will remember just whose heads those should be.

Delegate seats (and future bookings) at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre, 2008-2013:
2008 (sixth months): 9,800
2009: 15,900 = 2.5%
2010: 12,400 = 2.0%
2011: 16,000 = 2.5%
2012: 28,000 = 4.5%
2013: 24,000 = 3.8%

Percentages based on a maximum capacity of 1720 persons, excluding the 400 from the Newcastle Lobby and 143 from Museum Level, per day utilizing available conference rooms. Total yearly 627,800 in rooms, 146,000 Newcastle Lobby, 52,195 in museum meeting space.

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