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Monday, June 27, 2011

HST Referendum

The time for the referendum on the Harmonized Sales Tax draws closer and soon folk will have to make a choice. All I know is that for me this tax seems to have taken any disposable income, which I have always had little, and leaves me living paycheck to paycheck. For lower income folk the rebate might be enticing but think about it, when has the government, any government given back more than you paid. Yes for people on Income assistance this might be true, but for the vast majority it isn't.

This pretty much says it as to where I stand.

Have added a pile of links to news stories and letters below.

Letter D/N
June 25
HST will not help business create jobs

June 11
HST forums wrap up in Nanaimo
Scroll down in the story and you will notice links to other HST related storeys.

June 7
BC Government risks backlash from HST ads

The following links are from a simple search, HST Nanaimo, on
For any of the news storeys copy and paste the title into Google and click on the result that has daily news in the URL, that way you will get to see the comments made on the story.

The HST will cost us plenty if it is rescinded

Vote call should have frozen HST rebate

High-profile ads are used to push B.C. HST plan

Liberal's HST 'bribe' isn't fooling anyone

More questions than answers about the HST

Use head, not heart to vote

Common sense can be dictated by dollars

Restaurant owners claim the HST is hurting business

HST helps big and small business

Consumption tax beats income tax every time

Get rid of the Liberals along with the HST

Nanaimo posties still on picket line

Developers say the HST causing construction dip
Taxes are the price we pay for civilized society

HST is a beneficial and modern tax policy

Seniors weigh pros and cons of HST

HST forces 'little guys' to bail out B.C. business

Misinformation clouds tax issue

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