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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Council Budget

The 2012 budget is being discussed and there have been a few good presentations to date. Anyone wishing to speak to it can do so without signing up to appear as a delegation and will be able to do so till around May. Funny story in the Bulletin today,, about council hosting some special budget meetings.

All three of the meetings they mention are during working hours, could the unemployment rate in Nanaimo be higher than the 7.5% stated? I'm thinking that because the times were set when they were Council & Staff feel the majority of folk in Nanaimo are unemployed and hence can make these meetings:). No worries though because the discussion will be going on for a few more months and folk can attend regular as well as FPCOW meetings if they wish to learn more.

Lest those of you out there that rent do not feel tax City tax increases do not affect you then think again. With a possible 4% tax increase to homeowners as well as the 5% Water and 6.14% Garbage tax increases you can rest assured that these costs will be passed on to renters.

Also at the meeting last night Council announced the outcome of recent negotiations with CUPE 401 city workers. In each of the next three years CUPE workers will be receiving a 2% pay increase; gee do you think council giving themselves a raise of 8% each of the next three years played a part in this:)?

Lastly of note; a motion was proposed to have In Camera meetings moved to the pm instead of am. During question period I asked, because during the election many a candidate had espoused transparency and openness, if council would consider no longer holding those ‘In Camera’ meetings of which they have a choice of whether or not to hold ‘In Camera’ under section 90(1) of the Community Charter. If you are just dying to hear their responses, recomended, check out the link above and go to question period :).

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