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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kontroversy Continues

Former Nanaimo Mayor Korpan agrees to lawsuit settlement

Editorial: Even name calling must be backed by facts

It is indeed good news for Angela Negrin that former mayor Korpan has settled his libel suit with her but what about Tony Parkin the other person being sued. My personal belief in this ongoing saga is that Mr. Korpan continues his vendetta out of sheer vindictiveness and his need to remain in the public eye.

Rumours abound as to why he recently settled with Ms. Negrin. The most interesting of these involves the possibility of unpaid taxes as a result of income gained from campaign contributions.

I used to love how in the past he would bill his campaign for storing his signs as well as other things. An example of this can be seen in his 2008 disclosure statement, Gary Korpan 2008 Disclosure statement Of note I find his 2011 disclosure statement interesting only on two points; he had far fewer donations and his office expenses, billed to himself were only $355.00 compared to the $3000.00 spent in 2008.

Unfortunately prior election disclosure statements are not available on the city website; if they are they are harder to track down. There was one year; I believe it was 2005, when a candidate even billed $1500 dollars for clothing. An amount I found quite astounding as it is probably more than I have spent on clothing in my lifetime.

It is an interesting question as to whether monies from contributions paid directly to a candidate would be considered income and taxable. If anyone has the skinny on this perhaps they could let me know.

It is high time Korpan dropped his vendetta.

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