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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


a Community Valuing, embracing & Encouraging ALL Citizens.

A long time Social and Community Advocate I know it is critical to recognize the importance of a healthy diverse economy in providing meaningful employment and the necessary tax base from which to run our fair city. We need a strong advocate on council who understands the issues in all areas of the city
Focus on the preservation of Nanaimo’s Heritage and Parks; development working in harmony with the Environment and maintaining the unique character of neighbourhoods; Citizen Driven Not Developer Driven.  Recognizing the importance of a healthy diverse economy; providing meaningful employment and the necessary tax base.  Smart growth not rapid growth. .

Recognizing social, environmental, cultural and economic aspects are intertwined; linking community together. A focus on one without the others detracts from the whole.
A Community that recognizes and values diversity and the potential of ALL citizens to contribute toward making Nanaimo a Vibrant and INCLUSSIVE community.
A growing city Nanaimo Council needs to follow through on recommendations in the Core Service Review (pt 1) and Deloitte Report that have the potential to save millions; council should also insure that the second part of the Core Review is done. With a growing population and economy these savings could be put towards lowering taxes, increasing service provision as well as hiring employees for such.

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