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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Many people have read about the “Free Nanaimo From Koruption” bumper stickers that have been floating around for the past year or so.

(Edition 2)

Since our Mayor Gary Korpan decided in his infinite wisdom to sue Tony Parkin (activist against waterfront highrises & re-institution of lifeguards at public beaches) and Angela Negrin (downtown small business owner - Pirate Chips) regarding the bumper sticker they have become ever more prevalent than they seemed to be prior. Korey Korolek, who announced on September 22, 2008 that he will be suing the City of Nanaimo, not over the bumper sticker, is routinely seen in newspapers wearing a t-shirt with what has now become a logo for those upset with the shenanigans of our civic leaders. At a recent council meeting I saw at least eight brave young souls wearing the bumper sticker taped to their shirts, apparently this even made it onto our local cable channel. I am even seeing far more vehicles sporting the distinct slogan.

After first accusing and threatening to sue myself and fellow directors of Friends of Plan Nanaimo in May of 2007;

(May 15, 2007)

To the so-called Friends of Plan Nanaimo political party
Imagine how your mother and family would feel if they saw signs and bumper stickers that demean and libel your years of public service, falsely alleging the you committed one of the vilest crimes in the Criminal Code.

(Edition 1)

If you have any shred of decency, you will stop production, retrieve, and destroy all copies, then donate your ill-gotten gains to the Homelessness work of the Salvation Army.

PS You should be aware that the very best Libel & Slander lawyer in BC lives in Nanaimo. He is a good friend of mine and he supports the NNC because it will revitalize downtown, diversify the regional economy, expand business opportunities, and create jobs.

Gary Korpan
City Hall 250-755-4400
Home & Law Office 250-758-9445
Illegitimi Non Carborundum

(FPN found out a week later that Mayor Korpan was no longer a member of the Law Society and should not have been mentioning a so-called law office in his signature)

The issue of the bumper stickers has spiraled to almost mythic, for Nanaimo, proportions. The initial threats against FPN were dropped, we had to hire a real lawyer, and then followed up with threats to take pictures of every vehicle with a Free Nanaimo From Koruption bumper sticker and take appropriate action against them all.

While one does not want to in anyway advocate the outright slander or libeling of a person, I don’t believe the bumper sticker in any way does, this is a but a sign of the continuing frustration of the electorate against our local government. On numerous occasions, as I have spoken to council, I have been called a liar, various names, as well as being one of many who have been denigrated when legitimately talking about issues we hold dear. Have I ever contemplated a lawsuit? No. It is unfortunate that it is those in power and with the financial means who willingly drags others, less able to afford the costs, through our legal system for what I consider a frivolous waste of everyone’s time.

As we move forward to the municipal election I would ask that Mayor Korpan drop the lawsuits against Tony Parkin & Angela Negrin, refrain from further threats against those sporting the bumper sticker and FREE NANAIMO FROM KONTROVERSY.

To express your opinion on this;
Phone Gary Korpan at:
City Hall: 755-4400
Residence: 758-9445

Snail Mail
Gary Richard Korpan
3598 Hammond Bay Road
Nanaimo, B.C. V9T 1E9

Gordon W. Fuller - Sept. 25th 2008


Anonymous said...

It grates when politicians threaten their constituents with lawsuits. People with thin skins should stay out of politics. Couldn't Mayor Korpan have reacted with humour to the bumper sticker in question? Ronald Reagan became something of a hero when he had said "Honey, I forgot to duck" to his wife just 10 minutes after a 1981 assassination attempt. Couldn't Korpan have come back with something similar? By taking legal action against Parkin and Negrin he has only kept the issue alive and generated some sympathy for those folks.

Lily said...

Is he still suing them? I thought for sure he'd see how silly the whole thing was and try and move on. At least I'd expect him to hope others would forget his less than graceful outrage over something so minor. Ironically though he only drew more attention to the matter.

Repeat after me Gary Korpan, "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me".

Larry Gambone said...

I think Mayor Korpan would have been a lot wiser to have ignored the bumper sticker. Politicians are subjected to a hell of a lot worse yet let it slide by. Just glance at the supermarket tabloid headlines with vicious attacks on say Obama for having a secret lover etc. Obama would look like an idiot for going after the authors of such a story. Anyway, I don't think people believe the mayor takes bribes, not even the folks who put out the sticker. I think what they are alluding to is what they see is a too close relationship between the Mayor and developer interests. Of course, it is unfair to single out Mayor Korpan in this regard, since the previous mayors were hardly different in this regard, indeed how many mayors ANYWHERE are not close to the real estate-construction-developer interests, rather than the vast majority of us who have to suffer the financial and social consequences of these close friendships? Ultimately, it is our own fault for voting in such people, rather than politicians like Mayor Korpan.

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious that people think it's ok to slander a public leader like this, with no real evidence.

I guess I could write:
Free Nanaimo from YOUNGER drug dealers. (as James Younger does distribute drugs) Would that be ok? NO, of course not.

or FULLER = Scandalous Council

with no criminal charges or evidence it is obviously not acceptable...

......... Gord Fuller ......... said...

The above comment was posted despite the sender wishing to remain anonymous. I find it interesting that despite an overabundance of the FREE NANAIMO FROM KORUPTION bumper stickers out there only Angela Negrin and Tony Parkin are being sued. Why is this? At the Mayoral All Candidates meeting there was a very prominent rendering, at least 3' x 5', of the sticker and no complaints. I love the colour scheme of Angela's signs, nice statement.

Part of my reason for posting this was to show that by the Maypr sending out a copy of the sticker in his veiled threat to directors of Friends of Plan Nanaimo, he may be inadvertently responsible for people copying the sticker and having them printed up. He should really drop this frivolous suit, Nanaimo has much greater problems to deal with.

sick of korpan said...

Well from one Nanaimo resident to another im sure that Korrupt Korpan is eating some stale pie now. Nanaimo has spoken and it goes to show get what you dish. And attract. I find it funny how a man so content in his position cant take an election seriously and realize that is why he has a job because the ppl of Nanaimo have an option and an opinion. Good riddance to this idiot, I am a business owner in Parkville and wouldn’t even dream of bringing an expansion of my store to a town that unjustly hands out stupid legal suits like they were free. I own a house in the old city quarter and watch the nightmare mess outside my window each night because council and the lazy old mayor of Nanaimo aren’t looking outside of their office window to really see whets going on. It seems like roses from your ocean view on Hammond bay road but when you go to work I bet you lock your car don’t you Gary......hmmmm how do we all feel........

Anonymous said...

Glad that Korpan is out, but you extreme leftists need to give it a break and have a real platform to run on, rather than just "not Korpan"

Extremist like Fuller, Bolin, Brunie, etc, will never be respected in Nanaimo with the filthy campaigns that they run, always talking down of people with different opinions.

......... Gord Fuller ......... said...

At least people like Ron Brunie and I do not hide behind the title Anonymous. While many may disagree with some of what I have to say, by and large I am very respected in Nanaimo.

Korpan was not a major part of my platform but his willingness to continue a lawsuit against two citizens is a shame. The only reason for him doing this is some sad need to remain in the limelight. Korpan has libeled many people over the years and denegrated many others. The difference being that he can afford to sue whereas others cannot.

Anonymous said...

Ron Brunie? Who?

Yes you are very well respected, by some, but still not "by and large" in Nanaimo. The evidence, ie: votes, shows that Nanaimo doesn't want you in a position of power. I do respect your compassion and determination, but think your extremist viewpoints will hold you back again in 2011. Maybe third time is a charm?

Anonymous said...

Korpan is now not a public official as he was not voted in again. So maybe you should take down his personal information from your website. You have his home address and phone number posted on a public website without his permission. This not only could be illegal, but ethically wrong. Maybe you should practice what you preach? If someone was to attack GK's home or start harrassing/stalking him, it could be as a result of your blog and posting of personal information about a private citizen. (wonder if this will get posted?)

......... Gord Fuller ......... said...

Greg, I will post pretty much anything from anyone as long as it is not racist or Hateful. Constructive critisism is and always will be welcome. When Mr. Korpan drops the frivolous law suit against Tony Parkin and Angela Negrin I will consider removing the information. If anyone really wants it I am sure there are other means far easier than my blog to get it.

......... Gord Fuller ......... said...

Craig thanks for the feedback. there was actually supposed to be a coma between Ron and Brunie. 2011will be number 4.

Thanx again

Anonymous said...

year 2013 update, i guess old korpan would be as mad as hell if someone was to put these stickers back up cuz no one would know who is he or what the the PNC is, ha ha ha, free nanaimo from rotten ruttan, thats it johnny sue me, make me homeless give me free housing, make jokes about giving susan cuday 70 grand cuz she was homesick, ha ha ha