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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Koruption Lawsuit Scrutinized more Kontroversy

Ex Mayors Lawsuit Scrutinized

Kudoes to the BC Civil Liberties Association on their win in Powell River and their consideration of taking on Angela Negrin and Tony Parkins case. I really loved the comment by Laura Langstaff that Mr. Korpan's response to the bumper stickers was petulant, pedantic, pedestrian, and plebian. Have to say I totally agree.

Hopefully this will be the last chapter in this saga and Korpan will drop the lawsuit.


Larry said...

Good on the BCCLA in helping those involved. It's good to see that Tony and Angela decided to bite the bullet and apologize for their actions. This could lead to Gary dropping the suit, which would be best for all. Nanaimo needs to move forward, this apology could be the move that helps us leave this mess behind.
Both parties were in the wrong, hopefully both decide to let this die.

......... Gord Fuller ......... said...

One has to remember that they have appologized only for posting the stickers. My question is of the hundreds of other people who displayed the bumper stickers how many as per Korpans statement of tracking them all down, were asked to appologize? I have no doubt that his single minded vendetta against Tony and Angela helped lead to his downfall as Mayor and in all reality it should be he who should be doingthe appologizing.