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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

HST Letter to Editor

As written:

Gordon Campbell and the Liberal party’s push to implement the Harmonized Sales Tax is yet another kick to the posterior of the poor and disadvantaged of British Columbia . After cutting funding to children and families, then removing gaming grants for many programs that offer services allowing people to move forward in life, this latest shows an utter contempt and disregard not just for the poor but for all citizens of British Columbia.

Taxing everything from admission fees, beverages, bus fares, car repairs & maintenance, funeral services and haircuts to movies, newspapers, non prescription meds, prepared foods, restaurants meals, school supplies and even vitamins, one can at least say this government is thorough, even inclusive in the broad impact and lack of forethought behind this tax.

To Mr. Campbell and the rest of the Liberal Party, I want you to use your imaginations, not an onerous but possibly a challenging request. Picture me flipping you the bird while at the same time stating “Harmonize This.” This gesture to you is offered FREE of charge with no strings attached.

Gordon W. Fuller

Published April 15
HST yet one more insult to all the citizens of BC

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