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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

& More HST

So last Friday the 16th I went to the Rally in Nanaimo at Beban Park, thought it would be amusing to hear Bill Vander Zalm. As I am walking up, with my HARMONIZE THIS poster, to where volunteers were taking signatures a gentleman sees it and tells me I can't have it there as it is lewd and will ruin the event. Walter Cordery, reporter with the daily news, tells him this is a public event and was advertised as such and whether I was for or against I would still be able to attend. Turns out the guy, Robert Shaw was one of the organizers and while you could see he was a bit miffed he backed down. Everyone else thought the poster was great.

Anywho it was a good event and things are going great in Nanaimo, hope the same can be said for elsewhere in the province though the word coming out is that regardless of whether enough people sign the petition Campbell will still go ahead with it.

Interestingly I got my renewal notice for COSTCO today and they are actually charging the HST, on the cost of renewing, now.

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