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Friday, June 18, 2010

HST still a hot topic

Getting a little behind on a lot of things, the stories below are from the 18th. I have also put a link to an interesting letter as well, have not even tried to link many stories or letters as there are just sooooo many.

So I'm thinking there is something to the confusion around the HST, though I am firmly convinced it is a horrible plan.

The right wing Liberals seem to have started their campaign to educate the population albeit under the guize of the Fraser Institute. The recently released right wing Fraser institute report says Lower income families in B.C. will actually pay less overall tax once the harmonized sales tax takes effect. Interesting! I have also been hearing , recently, that Statistics Canada estimates the average person will be paying $520 more in taxes. So just what would the truth be. I have re-attached the link to the HST calculator on the NDP website, just how acurate it is you will have to judge for yourself as the NDP while not the leftist party of days gone by certainly lean farther in that direction than most other parties in BC.

Liberal MLA stands by hated HST
Editorial: Cantelon's defence of HST convincing

Letter from the 11th.

HST anger surprises even campaigners

HST Calculator

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