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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tangled Webs

This in the Daily News today Charities willing to feed the needy together .

Its both interesting and amusing that with my two previuous posts, by the way my letter to the editor made it into both papers, we are now at where were at. Bottom line for me is to ensure that those in need get at least one, two if you include the bag lunch the 7-10 Club provides, decent free meal per day. The amusing, though sometimes challenging, thing is being both an Advocate for Social Change (aka Activist) and in this case the Chair person of the Nanaimo 7-10 Club Society .

What the above story doesn't say is that the S/A will ultimately drop their lunch and that the 7-10 will enhance its program as well as operate on weekends. This of course will be with the support, funding & food, of the S/A as well as working to bring other partners from the community on board. This will not happen in the next month or so, details need to be worked out. Will keep one and all posted as they emerge.

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