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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Campaign Q&A's and Links to candidate info

Elect Your Future
When you open the Councillors section you will likely have to zoom in quite a bit.

Chamber of Commerce Q&A
Chamber of Commerce Successful Cities

South End Votes
South End Votes. Starts with answers to question 3, scroll down for answers to the other questions

Nanaimo Info Blog
This one is a bit difficult as you have to scroll down through all of those that have answered the questions instead of just clicking on a name.

Nanaimo Daily News Election Coverage

Elections Civic Info BC


Candidate Interviews
Saturday, November 12th at 6:00pm
Monday, November 14th at Noon and 6:00pm
Wednesday, November 16th at 11:00am and 5:00pm

We are also happy to announce that on November 13th that the completed candidate’s package will be available on our YouTube page for you to share. You will be able to find it at

Broadcasts of the Coalition for Democratic Nanaimo All-Candidates' meetingIf you were not at the meeting, or want to see it again, you will have several opportunities this week. The video of the meeting, prepared by Manly Media and Mid-Island TV Society will be broadcast on Shaw Cable 4:
Sunday Nov. 13, at 7 p.m. and 10 p.m
Tuesday Nov. 15 at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m.


Green Drinks Nanaimo Q&A (They have a website but nothing posted from candidates)

Should Nanaimo own our source of drinking water, or are we are well-enough served under the present "ownership" by Harmac and Island Timberlands?
Nanaimo should own the watershed.

If the former, how should we or could we gain control?

We would have to look at purchasing it keeping in mind Snuneymuxw claims. It would be ideal if Nanaimo could partner with the Snuneymuxw to do this?

If elected, would you call for a referendum on this question?


Should Snuneymuxw First Nation's historical ownership of the Jump Lake and Nanaimo Lakes watershed be recognized?

Yes. If Nanaimo were to support the Snuneymuxw claims then if there was a settlement by the federal and provincial governments we could partner with them to purchase the watershed.

Do you support recent moves toward more urban agriculture?


Do you support the ‘backyard chicken’ bylaw and its possible extension?


Do you support spin gardening, famer’s markets and other initiatives to support more home gardening?

Yes. What I would propose upon being elected would be to make the allocation for Urban Gardens equal across the board at 75% of the property.

Do you support pesticide use?


The recent Vision Nanaimo rally showed evidence that the municipalities that are creating more sustainable and affordable communities reject the call for an ever-expanding development ("urban sprawl"). Are you in favour of developing such places as the Cable Bay area or "in-filling" existing developed areas?

I am not in favour of developing Cable Bay and would actually like to, if at all possible, see the Urban Containment Boundary rolled back for that and other areas. Infill densification is the way to go and through that we can create environmental benefits such as a more efficient transit system and walkable communities.

A municipality has the mandate to protect it's citizens from potentially hazardous materials and effects. The Union of BC Municipalities and at least 23 individual municipalities have asked B.C. Hydro and the B.C. government to place a moratorium on “Smart meters” installation pending more information and review. They are ignoring this request and installing meters here, right now. What is your position on “Smart meters” and what will you do to deal with this issue more effectively?

I am adamantly opposed to Smart Meters as there is no justification for the replacement of existing meters. I am unsure if there is anything that can be done by the municipality now that they are being installed. People should however have the right to refuse them without fear of their existing meter being replaced regardless of their wants.

Given that Nanaimo City's Advisory Committee on Environmental Sustainability is working on a plan to target community-wide Greenhouse Gas emissions reductions would you support a moratorium on further development of drive-throughs?


What ideas have you for a better transportation system? Your alternatives to big empty buses touring around? Revitalizing and better incorporating the rail system opportunities?

Infill densification, smaller buses on feeder routes, supporting Island Corridor Foundation to create commuter service using the rail system.

As a coastal community right on the Salish Sea what is your position on the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project, the Kinder Morgan planned increase of oil tanker traffic out of the Port of Vancouver, crude oil tanker traffic on our B.C. coast in general and the possible lifting of the informal moratorium on oil and gas exploratory drilling offshore from the B.C. coast?

No pipeline and no oil tanker traffic and no lifting of the moratorium. We need to be looking at cleaner energy.

Currently large log booms are stored in the Nanaimo estuary impacting the bottom at low tide and destroying the eelgrass which is important for the survival of salmon as they adapt to the salt water. Should this practise be disallowed?

There are actually far fewer log booms being allowed in the estuary for that very reason. Ultimately the goal would be to not have them in the area where they do impact the eelgrass.

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