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Sunday, November 27, 2011

News Comments


Mid Island may see glut of jobs as boomers retire

This is all well and good for the Forestry, Construction and health industries, all well paying jobs, but it should also be noted that more and more seniors have to work after so called retirement because they do not have e

Yes in the mentioned industries retirement may open up jobs but with the increasing number of seniors having to work they will enter other sectors for employment thus negating the above which could have a huge effect have to work somewhere and

City Log: Residents can expect hike in water. garbage rates

And so they raise water rates in part to pay for the new 65 million dollar water treatment plant. Gee and I thought the borrowing of 22 million was supposed to pay for it along with reserves. Wait a minute, I think I get it. The water rate increase will pay for the interest we pay on the 22 million borrowed.

Nov 24
Elections BC wants young people pre-registered to vote
This is a good idea that should have happened ages ago. Youth are the future and if there is anything that can be done to get them involved and better informed then just do it. Enough Talk.

Sampson group converts cash to shares in Harmac
A true Nanaimo success story and model that can be used elsewhere. Let’s hope the next time we hear that the employee-ownership model is still in place and hasn't been co-opted.

Philip Wolf: We can only hope for more from leaders
There are many reasons for poor voter turnout, the one I hear most often being that people just do not feel involved and that their voice means nothing even when they do try to get involved. This council must do more to reach out to the community and ensure people are given a chance to contribute. An ad or two in local papers does not constitute community engagement.
One open house info session on an issue like the Water Treatment Plant does not promote Community Engagement. Use of the Alternate Approval Process to steamroll the passing of certain things does not promote Community involvement. I sincerely hope that this council will do better when it comes to engaging the public, I know if they do not I will be there to remind them.

Debate over barn stirs up Harewood's agricultural past
If Nanaimo loses this building it will be yet another example of how little history is valued in the community. When the Convention Centre was announced we lost the Foundry which was one of the only such style of buildings left in the province. A few years prior the first School House in Nanaimo was torn down. Both were unnecessarily removed, the lots they sat on remain empty, and could have been preserved by the city. Gradually if we do not step up to save some of the more unique buildings Nanaimo’s historic value will be greatly diminished.

Editorial: Election laws uphold system
Well said.

Nov 23
North-end group set to keep up fight
Normally I would say getting people out to vote is a good thing and the CCN certainly got people out to vote. It is when it is done through spreading fear and mis-information, like the CCN did, that I question the rationale.
Perhaps some of those involved with the CCN would like to start up a Neighbouhood Group and get involved on a more positive note. Instead of spreading fear and misinformation look at inclusion and creating a welcoming neighbourhood. The South End Community Association is a good one to emulate.

Putting ideas into action at top of mayors agenda
"....that says to me Nanaimo is supportive of our projects in principal and want to see them continue." Do not take for granted that because you were re-elected the voters agree. Get out and ask them.

Friendship centre official lobbies for off-reserve plan

Nov 22
Five interesting oddities from the campaign trail
Crap and I thought sure my comment at Oliverwoods when they had the CCN'rs and vote panderers there would have made it into the strange and unusual. Not too often someone will step forward and tell an audience he is not going to kiss their ass for votes:).
That the CCN was able to get so many out by their message of fear and misinformation is but a sad postscript to the election of 2011.

Father questions VIHA on communications procedure
This is simply shameful on the part of VIHA. C’Dif is a highly contagious disease and relatively easy to transfer. “VIHA maintains children and their families were never put at risk.” Ludicrous and a potential disaster waiting to happen.

Its a bad idea to sell our water
This would have huge ramifications if done. As the population grows we will need more water not less.

BC wants teens signed up to vote
A good idea but will doing so increase voter turnout?

Improving communication with residents, establishing consensus key challenges for new council
This is a given but not simply for the North End but in communication throughout the city and on all issues. Currently the policy would seem to be to do the least possible to inform and invite community participation. This must change.

Shelter visits up as weather deteriorates
Unitl the new housing that has been proposed is built a shelter like the Unitarian is but a stop gap measure. It is important to understand that many of those using this shelter likely do not fit the criteria for your standard shelter in that they may be intoxicated or they may simply for whatever reason not choose to go to the Salvation Army or Samaritan House shelters. Yes they are primarily on the street during the day with many making use of the 7-10 Club until 10:00am or the library once it is open.

Editorial: Voters happy with council? Turn out didn't show it
Perhaps another reason for poor voter turnout is that we actually have three less poling stations since the 2005 election and of those we do have they keep changing some of the locations. If we really want to encourage voter turnout then we should have more places to vote and not less.

Nov 21
Ruttan prepares for the future after securing second term
Well said, HERE WE GO AGAIN and CHRIS. Even existing hoteliers are leery of the tax incentive and giving themselves a raise of 8+% per year for the next three years is ludicrous when compared to the raises, if any, for the average person. SHAME!

Our Mayor has mandate and experience
“So, John Ruttan has his mandate. He has the confidence of the electorate to stay the course on matters of taxation, economic development and social planning.”

I would really have to beg to differ with this statement, John Ruttan does not have a mandate at all. The pathetic turnout, no matter the reasons, of 26% of voters could just mean the exact opposite. It could simply mean that people are fed up and do not think their votes count for anything as they see council blindly moving forward with their own agenda and not one for the people.

So, why the poor showing? Perhaps the above is one reason but I would also hazard to guess that the continually moving, and eliminating of polling stations also has something to do with it. The removal of Bayview School in 2008 can be directly attributed to low voter turnout in that area. The distance to polling stations makes it extremely difficult for many seniors and others to make it out to vote.

Looking at the distance in many areas the only option for people is to take a bus, average of 1.5 hours round trip, or cab which many cannot afford. With the latter one would actually have to pay to vote and this is uncontainable. Instead of making it difficult the powers that be need to make voting accessible.

Low voter turnout sad epilogue
No doubt the CCN slate had an effect on the numbers of votes for all of the candidates they chose to support; the fortunate thing is that only two got elected.

Funny that I do not see the fact that there are 3 less polling stations, as compared to 2005, as a possible reason why the voter turnout was so bad. There should be more polling stations so as to make it walkable for the majority of voters.

Then again, like the communication process of the city, do the powers that be really want to encourage citizen participation?

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