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Thursday, October 4, 2018

United Way Q A re homeless.


Nanaimo Candidates' Forum

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Beban Park Social Centre


Want to know more about where each candidate stands on the issues of housing and homelessness?
We asked every candidate running in the municipal election four questions. Below are those questions and the responses we received from the candidates.

1) What do you know about the housing and homelessness issues we’re experiencing in Nanaimo?

2) Do you endorse and actively commit to achieving the priorities identified in the Homeless Plan and Affordable Housing Strategy in your term? Provide details on your priorities and how you would achieve them.

3) Municipalities that are effectively moving the dial on housing and homelessness are buying land and zoning appropriately for projects to facilitate BC Housing investments. Do you endorse these activities/approaches by the City of Nanaimo? If so, how would you deal with NIMBYism (Not In My Back Yard-ism) and community push back, while implementing the array of housing and solutions our community requires?

4) Will you support the City of Nanaimo in adopting a target of zero homelessness by 2028, and if so what actions will you undertake and support to reach this target.

Gordon Fuller

  1. I have been working for and with the Homelesss, Youth, Adults and Families for over 20 years. My experience runs the gamut from Runing an Emergency Shelter, Youth and adult Youth Housing, as well as a running a program for Chronically Homeless Adults and am also the Chair of a Community Meal Program. I know a fair bit about different programs and was integral in lobbying the City for both Cold Weather Shelter Beds and Rent subsidies, prior to being elected to council, as well as spearheading the move for an Affordable Housing Strategy in Nanaimo's Strategic Plan. I work from a HOUSING FIRST approach.
  2. Yes. As a City Councillor I have already made motions that have passed that will revisit bylaws and policies on Secondary Suites, increased contribution to and broader use of Nanaimo's Housing Legacy Reserve Fund and zoning and use of Micro Homes as a means of infill and affordable housing options.
  3. My priorities are towards a HOUSING FIRST Policy throughout the Housing Continuum ; housing, assessment, services steered toward. One of the last councils strategic priorities was with regards to LAND PURCHASE as well as an COMPREHENSIVE AFFORDABLE HOUSING STRATEGY. Both would help move towards the first part of your question and I support those and other means wholeheartedly. NYMBYism can only be dealt with through education/knowledge; some projects will require a higher degree of Community Consultation than others; point being adjust time for such accordingly and continue the practice of not concentrating Housing or Services.
  4. While I believe it unrealistic, the Feds are proposing $40billion to only decrease by 50% over 10 years, I support the goal of ENDING HOMELESSNESS to the best of my ability. I personally believe that with Multi Gov't support we could end it in 5 years; what I do not have faith in is the political will to do so.

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