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Friday, October 17, 2008

Letters to the Editor (part seven)

The following are some of my letters to the editor over the past couple years. I have found, since submitting my first many years ago, that this is a means, one widely read, to express an opinion on events in the city and realms further afield. I fully encourage people to write letters to the editors of what some fondly consider our local rags, though don’t be surprised when they appear and are edited by the paper. In one letter I submitted the editor changed one word, eliminated one sentence and totally changed the context of what I was saying.

Re: Mayor accuses Friends of Plan Nanaimo directors of slander
I find it pitifully sad that that our Mayor sees fit to accuse Friends of Plan Nanaimo Directors and Members of libel and slander, for the bumper sticker that reads “FREE NANAIMO FROM KORUPTION,” when in fact without concrete proof he could be considered guilty of the same. This is nothing but further grandstanding on the part of a Mayor who has in the past called members of FPN Neanderthals and Liars, all of which occurred in the public arena.
I hazard to guess that in so vehemently publicizing the above bumper sticker Mayor Korpan himself may be responsible for furthering the want of it by community members. This may make his quest to track down those displaying it and “suing them into the stone age” a tad more difficult. I have one thing to say to his eminence and that is “GET OVER IT,” if you can’t take the heat Mister Korpan get out of the fire.

Re: Demand return of fees from Triarc
Why is it that our City Council is not demanding the return by Triarc/Suro of all development and management fees paid to them prior to their default of the agreement as outlined in the following section of the partnering agreement?
Sec. 18.5 If the Project does not proceed through an Event of Default of Suro, including Suro's inability to secure financing for the Hotel and Residential Complex following satisfaction of the Condition Precedent provided for in section 5.2, it is understood and agreed that Suro shall repay to the City all amounts paid to Suro as a Development Fee and Monthly Project Management Fee from September 15, 2004 plus all of the City’s reasonable costs, charges and expenses.
Council should be demanding all costs back as they, as well as city staff, have admitted Triarc/Suro were clearly in default. Allowing another developer to come into the picture at this late date, with the same incentives given to Triarc/Suro, is simply ludicrous. By all means continue construction but look seriously at other alternatives for the NNC, as it has been stated when the design was brought forward could easily be accomplished. Use the funds retrieved to hold another referendum, if the Citizens of Nanaimo really want this then surely it would pass by a larger margin than the previous illegal referendum. And for the sake of the city, whatever you do, take the lands at Maffeo Sutton out of the equation.

Re: Council pay increases again. March 10, 2007
I must say I am extremely disappointed in Councilor Holdom’s comment, in response to the $800 increase to his pay as a City Councilor, that, “"Maybe I'll get a new pair of shoes." This is nothing less than a slap in the face to the poor.  

Despite the economic boom in BC the Nanaimo Region is ranked 5th overall for human economic hardship in the province, 1st for a region with a population centre the size of Nanaimo or greater. 8% of families in Nanaimo earn less than $10,000 a year, $833 per month and the majority of those on income assistance earn less than $800 per month.

I challenge Mr. Holdom to step off his pedestal, give up his apparent life of luxury, and for one month try to live on $800 dollars. Perhaps then he will have a greater appreciation of the wages paid to him by the taxpayers of Nanaimo

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