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Saturday, November 1, 2008


Kudoes to NALT for putting on this all candidates meeting. It was however, from what I hear, a painful experience for many of the people that sat through the entire show. Having so many questions and getting the over 20 candidates present all to answer, randomly, each was just a bit too much for many people who ended up leaving before the end. By the time the forum ended less than half of the original folk attending were present. I know for a great many of the candidates the feeling was the same but when looked at this was good experience as well.

For those candidates without experience, who have never sat through a council meeting or a public hearing, this event offers simply a taste of things to come when elected. Council meetings can require much debate by elected officials and many issues will require them to sit through a large number of presentations by the public prior to debate. Public hearings on issues can see from 1 to 1000 people coming out to voice their opinion, something council must sit through and remain objective. Definitely not something for the uninitiated or those with little patience.

This brings home the value of the prior experience I personally have working with a number of boards and committees and in appearing, on a great many occasions, as a delegation before council or to speak at public hearings. Unfortunately only eight of the questions were asked but for those interested they can check out NALT's website to see the answers of all questions by all of the candidates that replied to the questionnaire. While my answers are below in the previous post I did when asked at the forum answer some differently than posted. The ability to do further research and adapt information gathered, that was previously unknown, is also an asset to sitting on council.

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