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Monday, November 3, 2008

Nanaimo Neighbourhood Network Q & A

"The Nanaimo Neighbourhood Network works to facilitate the development of effective neighbourhood associations through shared information, consultation and collaboration between neighbourhood associations and our municipal government. We are an umbrella group with representatives of ALL recognized and developing neighbourhood associations. We believe (and our OCP states) that neighbourhoods are the building blocks of our community; neighbourhoods full of vitality, spirit, pride and participatory citizens make a stronger Nanaimo. Our goal is to encourage every neighbourhood in Nanaimo has a local association to hear the needs of residents."


Please tell us how and why you (should you be elected to our City Council) would support / develop / work with the Nanaimo Neighbourhood Network.

My response:

This may be tad unfair to others as I am the Vice Chair of the Neighbourhood Network and have been fully supportive of the group, its mandate, and its move to taking a greater advocacy role as the Umbrella group for Nanaimo 's recognized and developing neighbourhood associations. My experience with different Neighbourhood groups, South End Community Association as a director and currently vice chair, member of Neighbours of Nob Hill, acting treasurer of Nanaimo Old City Association, over the past 10 years shows my commitment to neighbourhoods and their development.

The revised Official Community Plan states in Goal 7.1, Neighbourhood and Area Planning, that "neighbourhood planning, and the development of Neighbourhood and Area Plans, is critical to achieving the objectives of planNanaimo." This is great and yet policy three states that "Neighbourhood and Area Plans will be adopted as amendments to planNanaimo and must be consistent with the policies of planNanaimo." Prior to the recent revision of Plan Nanaimo it was neighbourhhood plans that took precedent over the OCP while also working within the guidelines set out.

My personal opinion is that Nanaimo needs to revisit the Ward System so we have better representation on council from the different areas of Nanaimo . I believe we need to go back to the original Plan Nanaimo and put Neighbouhood Plans at the forefront of the Official Community Plan. When elected to council I will commit to fully supporting the goals and objectives of the Neighbourhood Network as well as the various Neighbourhood groups. I will also commit to pushing forward the implementation of neighbourhood plans in a speedy and orderly fashion.

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