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Monday, February 7, 2011

Cold Wet Weather Shelter

First Unitarian Fellowship asked by council to keep shelter doors open

It is for this reason that I am vocal on homeless and social issues in the community. Getting council, with the help of Wallace Malay, to approve and put forward the monies needed to see this happen has been a highlight of this year and if the only highlight will have been well worth the effort.

I have known Orville Drake, profiled in the above story, for many years and while he does drink a bit, too much some would say, he has always been a respectful and courteous individual and someone I am proud to call friend. He and his perenial companion Carol are exactly the type of people who will benefit from the supportive housing that will be built in the community.

Stories such as this in the Daily News put a human face on those that the community fear will eat their kids and steal their pets, or vica versa, and if the community were to get to know them they would see first hand why Supportive Social Housing is needed and that many of their fears are unfounded.

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