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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bestwicks Legal Opinion & LED Signs

My opinion on both of these is quite simple

Bestwick's legal opinion not released As taxpayers we are footing the bill, or a portion there-of, for Bestwick's legal opinion and so should be entitled to see exactly what that opinion was. It would be interesting to know which councilors voted not to release the information.

The original reqest for a variance by Boston Pizza to put up an LED sign should have been flatly denied or referred to a later date. Every councilor knew that City Staff were revizing the sign bylaw to include LED signage guidlines and as such should have waited until this was done before hearing anything to do with this type of sign.

I attended every council meeting to do with this issue and let me tell you it was probably one of the most painful issues I have ever had the pleasure of sitting through.


Anonymous said...

The more interesting perspective is that this happened at all.
That Bestwick was seen to be in conflict applies to most that sit on Council.
Had Bestwick failed then most of Council would have been judged in conflict too...
Time to take the dollars out of politics..

......... Gord Fuller ......... said...

Couldn't agree with you more, the LED thing should have never gone forward. As you say, and I believe also, many on council would be in conflict any time they vote on an issue where someone, or business, has contributed to their campaign is involve in whatever is being voted on. This is also true of groups, committees etc. that one has direct involvement with. If elected and the 7-10 Club or Nanaimo Youth services were to be have a grant they applied for up for vote I would have to step aside.