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Sunday, October 30, 2011

And More

Oct 30
BC minimum wage to increase
This will be a huge benefit to lower income earners and while businesses are concerned about bottom line it will actually allow more disposable income to be spent in those businesses.

Oct 29
Majority of council oppose idea of delaying project
I have learned, after attending on a regular basis over the years, that one should assume nothing when it comes to council making a decision. While I hope that the majority of council stand fast on the housing on uplands they must also as a block agree not to second Bill Bestwick’s motion. If they do this then it will not even be up for discussion/debate.

Yes the communication for this and much f what the city does has not been the best but with a new council we can assure this changes. To put this on hold will be to take a step backwards and who knows whom this might help but who will die while waiting.

Morally they must move forward and once they have then and only then will we be able to look at the other aspects of Nanaimo’s Homeless strategy.

Parksville-Qualicum MLA in hospital after heart attack
I may not always, and of late more often than not, agree with Mr. Cantelon’s politics but I wish him no ill will and a speedy recovery.

Jobs creation emerges as key municipal election issue
Job creation in the city with one of the highest unemployment rates should be at the top of issues in this community but sadly is not. It is unfortunate that a few individuals through spreading fear and misinformation have galvanized so many people into making housing the homeless the real top issue.

Cale Cowan: Time for real discussion on 'wet' houses
Cale, I may not agree at all times with what is said but I do find balance in the editorials and opinions. This is a complex issue that unfortunately gets hijacked by a few to galvanize the many with fear and misinformation. Bottom line for me is I know the housing will save lives.

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