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Saturday, October 8, 2011

In the News

Oct 8
Letter: Objective measure for council pay is required Nice letter. Interesting that Councillor Greeves, who receives a lot of support from unions, voted for the raise when even unions are receiving 2% or less. Even former councillor Brennan, running again this year after a failed attempt at the mayors’ position in 2008, also supported by unions is in agreement with the raise.

Oct 7
City takes possession of Oceanview properties in tax sale One can only hope that Canadian Property Investments neglects to pay within the one year allowable; the City of Nanaimo must not even give them one day extra. We have seen how well extending contracts for developers has worked in the past for the city; no hotel at the convention centre.

Council to reassess Maffeo Sutton Park plan Citizens of Nanaimo must get involved in this. If not we could see it developed towards being a private entertainment venue. The park must remain public and entertainment in the park must be accessible to everyone.

Oct 4 D/N Council will review plans for Maffeo Sutton Park
Maffeo Sutton Park improvements Jan 2009 This link to a copy of the brochure on the City website. In it it talks about a referendum but that referendum was actually about borrowing money for the convention centre. Just a tad misleading.

Oct 7 D/N: Volunteers continue battle to save Linely Valley While the title is a bit misleading, part of the valley Cottle Lake is already park, it is a cause that is worth getting behind. I once walked my dog through the forested lands between Rutherford Rd. and Hammond Bay Rd., phenomenal and an experience that should be enjoyed by all. If this group is successful many will be as able to enjoy it as I have and we will have another jewel in the city of Nanaimo.

Bulletin Oct 2: Moorecroft Regional Park planning
This is one of those things that irks me. The first open house for public input is between noon and 4:00, right when most folk are working. Despite an online survey, not yet available, I have to ask just how much they want your input?

Oct 7
Windley Contracting earns contract to build city hall annex Yeah right, as far as I know this contract was never put to tender and was simply given to Windley. “could crumble at even the slightest quake” What a crock. We have had many ‘slightest’ quakes over the years and the building is still standing. Another $16million of the taxpayer’s money well spent. Damn right I am being facetious.

Oct 6
Lantzville urban farming recommendations contested This has been an ongoing and vindictive attack on Dirk Becker & Nicole Shaw of Compassion Farm by the Mayor and a few Councillors of the District of Lantzville as well as their immediate neighbour. The goal, in my and others opinions has always been to shut down what is a prime example of Urban Agriculture on the Island.

Lantzvilles bylaw, as is Nanaimo’s is a tad unfair in that smaller residentially zoned lots are allowed 600 square metres of urban garden and larger lots 30% of the property. In many most cases, in particular in Nanaimo, the 600 square metres for smaller lots is far higher a percentage than the 30% for larger lots.

Personally I would like to see 50% for lots of one acre with that percentage rising incrementally for lots larger than an acre. For lots larger than 2 acres I believe 75% would not be be out of line.

It is also my opinion that the District of Lantzville is trying to pass their so called bylaw before the upcoming election. People in that community need to get out and vote for those friendly to urban agriculture, Andrew Mostad and Jaime Wallace for example..

Oct 5
North End housing concerns addressed by city A group or person, with money behind them, opposed to the Supportive Housing going into the North End recently put a full page ad in the Daily News. The ad, essentially a copy of the front page of a nasty little website that has been developed Whats wrong with this picture . They also have a facebook page Concerned citizens of Nanaimo .

I am reminded of a few years ago when the 7-10 Club was looking at rezoning the Harewood Fire Hall for its new location. A website was set up that put out all kinds of misinformation and actually bordered on hate. As usual it was a very small vocal group that had no qualms about spreading disinformation and lies.

Oct 4
Neighbourhood moms mobilizing in response to social housing plan
The idea of starting up a neighbourhood group is a good one. Usually these groups are started in response to real or perceived threats to the community but the challenge is to keep them going when things die down. These groups can be a great way to build interaction with neighbours and create a true sense of belonging as long as they are not simply reactionary. This can cause the opposite effect and divide the community if the group is not careful. links to stories and letters about the Supportive Housing issue

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