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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Q & A 2 Nanaimo City Hall Blog

Another from Ron Bolin's Blog

The following question was sent to all candidates at 9:41pm on Saturday, October 25:
Who should foot the bill for the required referendum process on the 60+ year lease of portions of Georgia Park as part of a proposed Front Street hotel?  The cost of a proper off election referendum was last estimated at approximately $100,000.  The cost to the citizens involved in an AAP can be estimated at approximately the same amount.  There are three options available for funding that referendum process at a time when no election is being held, i.e.
1. the City pays for a proper referendum;
2. the Proponent pays for a proper referendum; or
3. citizens are required to fund an AAP (Alternate Approval Process) using their own money and energy.

Which of these options do you support? And what are the reasons for your choice?

My response:

I believe that anytime a developer wants to do something like a lease of Georgia Park, or other such instances, they should pay the costs of a full referendum.  These costs should also in no way be taken from their community contribution.

All responses and non responses can be found here:
Click on the red Results test 3

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