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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Q & A Ratepayers Association

Nanaimo Ratepayers Association

OUR VISION: To be the leading, Influential voice of residents for responsible spending by the City of Nanaimo.

OUR MISSION: Our mission is to  advocate for sustainable, transparent, accountable and responsible spending by local governments so that taxpayers' interests and voices are represented and heard at Nanaimo City Hall.


1. Do you live in Nanaimo? (N)

Yes; for 33 years,

2. Do you own a home and pay property taxes in Nanaimo? (N)

Bank still owns it but I am working on it and yes.

3. What qualifies you to serve as a Nanaimo city councillor?

The information in the next question and my proven commitment to the community

4. What is your community involvement? (Organizations, charities, etc.)

Current Community Involvement:

Nanaimo 7-10 Club Society – Chair (Member Chamber of Commerce, Member Downtown Nanaimo Business Improvement Association, Member Volunteer Nanaimo); Nanaimo Neighbourhood Network – Chair; Nanaimo Citizens Advocacy – Director; South End Community Association – Director; Friends of Nanaimo Harbour – Director; SAFER Nanaimo Working Group; Sex Trade Cohort (formed as a result of the Pickton Inquiry - Group of agencies that work with Sex Trade Workers); Nanaimo Social Health Network; Neighbours of Nob Hill – Member; Nanaimo Working Group on Homelessness; Nanaimo Community Advisory Board on Homelessness; Mid Island Coalition for Strong Communities; Vancouver Island Water Watch.

Past Community Involvement:

• Nanaimo Old City Association - Treasurer
• SECA Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee (2009)
• Downtown Design Guidelines
• Friends of Plan Nanaimo
• Official Community Plan Review
• Crystal Meth Task Force
• Nanaimo Alcohol and Drug Action Coalition
• Working Group on Downtown Social Issues
• Mental Health Advisory Council
• City of Nanaimo Nuisance Property Committee
• Nanaimo Social Development Strategy
• S.A.F.E.R Downtown Nanaimo Project
• Community Food Connection
• Food Link Nanaimo
• Action for Diversity Team
• Nanaimo Food Share Society
• 2002 – 2009 DNP - Housing Design Development Subcommittee
• Busking Bylaw Committee

 A regular attendee at Council meetings, for over a decade, I have appeared as a delegation to advocate on a wide range of issues.

I have also been involved at workshops and giving feedback on numerous of Nanaimo’s City plans ie. Transportation Master Plan, South Nanaimo Waterfront Plan, Zoning Bylaw, Official Community Plan, Strategic Plan etc. etc.

Asked if I think I can accomplish as much as a City Councillor as in my current advocacy role; I see this as a higher level to work towards building a better community for ALL

5. Have you ever owned or managed a business? (N)

Yes. As the Chair of the Nanaimo 7-10 Club Society, effectively volunteer Executive Director, the responsibilities are much like that of a business owner though this is a not for profit business

6. Who are your major financial backers? (Check one: Individuals, Businesses, Unions)


 7. Are you in favour of an independent Core Review of city services? (N)

Damn right I am.

8. What is your vision for Nanaimo?

A Council that values public input – Participatory Democracy.

Focus on the preservation of Nanaimo’s heritage and Parks; development that works in harmony with the waterfront and mountain vistas, maintaining the unique character of neighbourhoods and the community, Citizen Driven and Not Developer Driven; recognizing the importance of a healthy diverse economy in providing meaningful employment and the necessary tax base. Smart growth not rapid growth should determine Nanaimo’s future.

It is imperative that we, as a community, recognize and value diversity and the potential of ALL citizens in contributing to make Nanaimo a vibrant and INCLUSSIVE community.

9. Would you accept the public endorsement of the Nanaimo Ratepayers Association: (N)

Yes; but under the understanding that I am beholding to none but the Citizens of Nanaimo.



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