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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Again with the Raise

As with all Daily News stories the comments are often better than the story

Sept 28 D/N
Darrell Bellaart:City councillors deserve raise Have to say that Darrell should be writting for rags like the National Enquirer or such as he really misses the boat on most stories and his main agenda seems to be creating conflict and spouting gibberish.

When he interviewed me he asked if I thought education should be a qualifier for siting on council and I stated no, life experience is just as valid a qualifier. When I mentioned that council wages were already more than 44% of the population of Nanaimo makes he asked, "how do you know that." My answer, go on the city website and pull up the Community Profile put out by the Economic Development Committee, the numbers are there. Sadly doing research is not Darrell's strong point and he, like many other reporters, would prefer the subject to do the research. Even then he has a knack for twisting it.

This raise that council has given themselves needs to be an election issue. So far of the comments by councillors and known candidates I am the only one who has stated I would make a motion to have the raise recinded.

My comment on the above story: "how many people on income assistance have experience running an ice cream stand," Nice Darrell, glad to know where you are coming from. Many people living on Income Assistance are there as a result of injuries suffered working or because of the 15% unemployment etc, etc.. People living on fixed income, including seniors, are far better at budgeting and keeping costs down. We need balance on council and not just those with a business background. Now I know why you said that my plan to keep my current job and donate half my council salary to charity didn't fit with your story. I have mentioned and will again that even at the current part time salary Councillors make more than 44% of those working in Nanaimo, with RDN pay more than 59%. I ask, are these folk not worthy of running for council because they may not have managed an Ice Cream Stand?

Sept 27
Citizens want a new vision for Nanaimo after November 19
The city needs an injection of new vision

Paul Walton: Ideology of right has failed I have added this one because in a way it also touches on Municipal Government. I love this comment about Democratic Socialism, “Democratic socialism is about creating wealth for all; but that depends on a shared ethic of being willing to forsake greed for a greater good.” I couldn’t agree more, puts into words my beliefs but one has to also realize that wealth does not just apply to money.

These stories and letters regarding the council raise from the Nanaimo News Bulletin

Sept 26
Council raise too extravagant Ron Bolin
Part time job paying more than most make Me
Councillors ignorant of financial realities Terrance Wagstaff

Sept 22
Editorial: Timing of raise inappropriate
Sept 20
24 percent raise in store for council

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