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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Council Remunerates Selves

And so they went ahead and gave themselves a raise. With the majority of Nanaimo Citizens making less yearly than council does at a part time position giving themselves a yearly pay increase of 8% a year over the next three years spits in the face of those that pay their salary.

This should be an election issue this November but will it be? It is unfortunate but Nanaimo has traditionally proven to be somewhat apathetic when it comes to certain issues. Will this be one?

I believe a large part of the problem is a reall lack of communication with its citizens on the part of council and to a degree this can be compounded by the upper echelons of city staff. More to follow on thecommunication issue.

Below is a letter I sent in regarding the raise as well as the Daily News story and Editorial. I have also posted a story printed the same day from the nearby community of Parksville, their councillors also giving themselves raises.

Sept 21
Letter Council pay raise more than what poor will get

Sept 20
Raise in pay for council given the OK
Editorial: Modest wage hike for council sensible

Parksville: Council members vote to increase pay

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