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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Council Raise Pure Bullshit

Ya gotta love the story below and especially some of the comments. I, of course, was not interviewed which doesn't surprise me as I am the only one it seems who does not support the increase in pay. Then again it might be because I made a comment on a story Derek Spalding wrote saying how our failed convention Centre was responsible for the increase in visitors to the downtown and its revitalization; said it was the worst story he has ever written.

The story below reveals a lot. Brian Filmore does not have a high opinion of Seniors, "it's a small price to pay if it may help to attract strong leadership that's not currently collecting CPP." Saw him yesterday and he tried to backpeddle his comment.

Ted Greeves, strongly supported by unions, gives himself a 24% raise over 3 years and yet those very union workers that support him get a paltry 5% over the same time period. Council does not agree parity should be used in negotiations with workers andd yet choose parity when deciding there own salary; wondering if Greeves voted for parity.

Diane Brennan agrees with the increase, "recognizing the work load that most councillors take on." It's still part time work Diane and councilors make more than half of workers city wide.

Anyway check it out and my letter to the editor also posted in the D/N

Candidates support city council pay hike
Letter Council pay raise more than what poor will get

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