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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

More Developments about Development:)

April 10 Paul Walton: Defining the city not easy

Ain't that the truth. Personally I think Nanaimo should go back to being the HUB City instead of calling itself the Harbour City. Harbour in no way distinguishes Nanaimo from any other locality on the water.

Apr 11, 2912 Entrepreneurs remain eager to capitalize on popularity of food trucks

Our illustriuos Mayor has blinders on when it comes to revitalization. He seems to think that only Convention Centre, Hotels for such and Cruise Ship terminals will see us out of our economic doldrums. Far too shortsighted.

April 10 Let the marketplace decide what is viable

This applys to the story of April 7th regarding Food Trucks. It is in my opinion a no brainer to open up licencing and places where these vehicles could offer their wares.

April 7 Officials believe Newcastle Island's beauty could help attract more visitors...

If officials listened to the public they would have come to the conclusion about Newcastle years ago. While the convention centre is on track it is important to note that the MEETING PLACE, weekly church, accounts for about 6500 of the delegate days. Local user groups do not bring in the big bucks everyone touted back in the beginning of the convention centre. Hope they make the 30,000 delegate days; it would be about 5% of potential capacity but far better than previous years.

April 7 Mayor Ruttan unsure food truck program viable in Nanaimo

So the Mayor has finally joined the ranks of Nay-Sayers:)

Apr. 5, 2012
Nanaimo developer could build downtown hotel

Could is the word of the day here.

Editorial: Incentives for hotel are creating interest

We in Nanaimo have been hearing that developers have been expressing interest in building a hotel for the convention centre for years, will believe it when it happens. The question regarding the tax incentives would be how do you apply them to a hotel that would also likely have condominiums attached to make the hotel a moree viable option? In the event someone comes forward with a serious offer to build we must insure that the condo units do not receive the same 10 year tax exemption as the hotel.

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