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Friday, April 6, 2012

NEDcorp re-visited

So; the day after my last post on this subject it came out that Susan Cudahy, CEO of NEDcorp, actually sent the Tourism Nanaimo website she had mentioned at council to a company she had worked with in the past in Toronto. Hate to say it, maybe not, but these are the mistakes an amateur would make not someone that is supposed to be a 'professional.' Check out all of the comments attached to the stories below, oddly enough a few people have no problem that the economic development CEO is promoting the economic development to Toronto.

In the story of April 4 it mentions Ms. Cudahy had taken personal time so was unavailable for comment. I have since learned, and this is anecdotal at best, that she has a serious family medical issue that she has been dealing with for about a month.

Don't get me wrong I am not trying to make excuses for her performance of late. She has numerous employees that she should be able to rely on and if the above is the case should have delegated some of her responsibilities to.

Sending the website to a Toronto based company was the mistake of a rookie, surely she would have asked her employees if there was a web developer in Nanaimo that could have done the job. I am sure if she had someone would have let her know that there are quite a few and had they hired local we would not have been subject to the shoddy work that the so called company she worked with in the past and trusted put up on the web and that in and of itself makes Nanaimo look like an amateurish place to do business.

Letter City could be showcased as the next 'Gong Show' April 4

April 4 Mayor hopes economic development CEO has learned a valuable lesson

I made the comment below the day the above story came out but they either neglected to post it or I forgot to hit the button to post it.

"There was no time to put the contract to tender, so a firm was chosen that Cudahy had done business with in the past and trusted." The caliber of the website was shoddy at best and if indicative of the companies work I would have to question why she trusted and did business with them in the past. "Cudahy, who board members say is taking "personal time," was also unavailable for comment on Tuesday." If she would at least have the integrity to admit, not make excuses, her mistake then perhaps it would be time to move on. Now, one has to question how much personal time she is taking and how much of that are we the taxpayer on the hook for?

April 2
Mayor wants answers about tourism website work sent to Toronto
March 31
Cale Cowan: Story grew in stature thanks to reader’s involvement
March 30
Work on tourism Nanaimo website goes to Toronto

Just found this story from December 2011
Dec 22, 2011 Sweeping changes promised by economic development CEO to help boost Nanaimo tourism

Interesting in that 3 months ago the website and its improvements was being discussed. Pretty sure in one of the latest stories Ms. Cudahy mentions the reason for sending the work to Toronto was because of a short timeline to get it up. Appears there is a bit of fibbing going on.

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