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Monday, April 23, 2012

More on Nedcorp CEO

This interesting story in the D/N on Saturday Nanaimo mayor 'unaware' of Cudahy's status .

Found it amusing that the story did not allow for posting comments; have noticed the odd one that one just knows they do not want feedback on. Have also heard through the grapevine that certain folk have threatened to withdraw advertising of the local press does not cowtow to their wishes for just positive stories. Interesting!

Re the article; my thoughts are that within a month she will be gone and receive a large severance package that the public will only be privy to through an FOI request. This is after all how things are done in Nanaimo.

On another related matter I have heard that people have been taking it upon themselves to make personal and nasty attacks by phone, sometimes asking her daughter to relay the message. I have also heard that some nasty stuff has happened in public when she has been with family. It is one thing to attack her work as CEO of NEDCorp but totally uncalled for to launch personal attacks.

I think part of the problem might be that she has been mentored by the old gaurd, many of which sit on the NEDCorp board; too bad she didn't take me up on my offer of a chat when I first met her. I hear that they are even trying to ensure no focus gets put on social issues. The type of closed mindedness that does not see the total picture is part of what has been and still is the problem.

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