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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Communication or Spin

Some really thoughtful comments on this story
Editorial: City communications position has become untenable

In the TV news story mentioned in the Editorial I was mentioned as a social advocate, a tad more comprehensive and appropriate description than as just a homelessness advocate; though the latter is my passion. Mentioned also in the editorial was that the writer stated, "Forgetting for a moment how preposterous it is to think that scrapping the $140,000 communications office could substantively assist our community's homeless people," In response I supplied this little tidbit of info; actually if the $140,000 was put towards rent subsidies of $250 per month the city could provide 11.5 people yearly subsidies for 4 years. 
Suffice it to say that I agree this position should not be going forward and as stated in a previous post if the Mayor or anyone on council feel they do not want to communicate directly with citizens then they should resign.  In the case of city staff; managers should be able and willing to communicate to the public, at least in their area of specialization.  If they feel they cannot, look for other work. 

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