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Monday, May 21, 2012

NEDCorp season finale

So in the season finale of the NEDCorp sage Ms Cudahy has left the stage and is off to what will no doubt be greener pastures in Ontario due to the $75,000.00 severance package given to her by the Board of NEDCorp.  This is a travesty in a long line of Nanaimo travesty's.  Where else would someone who completed less than a year of employment be given such a golden handshake?

The taxpayers of Nanaimo deserve answers!  Who on the board of NEDCorp sanctioned such a payout and why?  Will the Progress Nanaimo Board, which includes members of council demand answers?  As taxpayers who fund NEDCorp we need and have a right to know.

We often hear from a number of sources, Chamber of Commerce, Young Professionals, the Downtown Nanaimo Business Improvement Association and others, that we need to focus on the positives in Nanaimo and that the Naysayers, which of course would include me, by their very pessimism are responsible for the bad image others have of Nanaimo.  Bollocks I say!  It is asinine decisions such as this that colour the image of Nanaimo abroad.

As long as we have those in positions of power that have a philosophy of what is in it for me, and not what is in it for the whole of the community, things will not change.  It is the naysayers and ner-do-wells that will continue, because of their love for the community, to try to inform the broader public and keep those accountable from burying the truth. Without them the community would be far less off.

The NEDCorp Saga will no doubt continue until answers are received; we can only hope that lessons learned will not be repeated in the future.

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Anonymous said...

With $75,000 I could retire in comfort.