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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Utter Lack of Communication

Quite frankly Mayor Ruttan and any of those on council that feel they are too inundated with calls from the public should resign.  This is a part of their job and they are quite well paid to do it. There are many more out there who would gladly take on the positions and gladly communicate with Nanaimo Citizenry.

This sent to the Daily News as a potential letter to the editor:

Re: Search begins for new city communications manager.
I’m really sorry to say this but the comments, being so ludicrous, made by our Mayor would seem to justify the need in this community for a communication officer.
On behalf of the public, media and self-interest groups I would personally like to apologize for our making the job of Mayor & Council so taxing by inundating you with our many questions. We truly feel your pain. By all means feel free to add a propaganda; no wait I mean ‘Communication Officer’ to help allay your tremendous workload. Again I sincerely apologize for my and others behavior.
The taxpayers of Nanaimo pay, and pay quite well, for Mayor & Council as well as city staff to answer their questions. I suppose if we were to offer Mayor & Council another 6% raise then perhaps answering the public’s questions might be more amenable.
Stories and my comments on the D/N site
Search begins for new city communication manager

“The City of Nanaimo might have saved on the costs of a new communications manger if not for the "mind-boggling" number of questions from the media and public, according to Mayor John Ruttan.”
"So much time is wasted answering questions, it's ludicrous," Ruttan said. "If we didn't get the phone calls from the public and media and self-interest groups, then we probably would not need this position."  Now this is what's really mind-boggling;  I suppose if we were to offer Mayor & Council another 6% raise then perhaps answering the public’s questions might be more amenable.

Editorial: Communication Manager a Bad Omen
Communications manager a bad omen

"As much as city hall may need a communications manager, it's hard to believe from the recently released job posting that any good can come of it."   I can hear Mayor Ruttan's comments now, 'Well this just goes to show the need for a communications manager.  Staff can't even prepare a straight forward job description without it being interpreted as Mayor & Council looking for a propagandist.  This of course couldn't be further from the truth,’ Yeah right.  This Council has continually proven that transparency is not a priority. With 12 or 13 in camera meetings to date in 2012 we could be looking at twice the number held in 2011.

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