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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Nanaimo Economic Development Corporation - Annual General Meeting
May 14th, 3:30pm 104 Front St.

I believe I mentioned in a previous post about NEDCorp that I felt the CEO Susan Cudahy would likely resign or be forced out within a month and it could be I was right. If so it should be brought up at the AGM.
Heard from a somewhat relieable source that this would be happening and will be very curious as to what severance she will receive for just over six months work. In some ways it will be too bad if I am correct because she really has not gotten much of a chance to prove herself.

Yes she made a cople of doozy mistakes but I think it was her treatment by the public that may be responsible in the event she does leave. From what I have heard she has been accosted in public while with her child and messages of a not too flattering nature have been left for her as well as forwarded through her daughter.

Even for Nanaimo, if what I have heard is true, that is a level I would not advocate anyone sinking to.

Regardless of the above people should show up for the AGM. This is a taxpayer funded corporation to the tune of approx. $1.4 million and as such, despite their being a progress review board, it behooves us to keep an open eye to what the corporation is doing.

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