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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Empire 2012

For a brief while it looked like there would be no controversy over Empire Days this year but that was all undone, and rightfully so, by Chief Doug White twittering.

For me, being involved in trying to see the name of Empire Days changed to something less offensive for almost a decade, I had held off saying anything this year.  Usually I would have written a letter to the editor or tried to stir the pot in other ways.

The latter of the two following stories from the Daily News and the comments attached, mine included, show that this is a hot issue and will remain so until the name is changed.  As for next year, plans are already in the works:)

My comment:
"It was refreshing this year not to have letters to the editor or protesters decrying the origins of Empire Days and criticizing the society because it brought back memories of Great Britain's imperial past and the treatment of British Columbia's First Nations. Undoubtedly, these are part of our history but that's all - history." Empire was a part of our History and not a part to be celebrated. Kudos to the Empire Days Society and Lions Society's for putting on a great parade but lets do it in Celebration of Victoria Day as does everywhere else in the commonwealth except Nanaimo & Cumberland. The abuses against First Nations across the world were perpetuated by the Empire and in many countries these abuses continue. Empire to is a "part of our history but that's all - history." It should be quite simple for the Society to maintain its name but the City does not have to perpetuate the use of Empire as a holiday in Nanaimo.
One of my comments:
"There's a lot of admirable stuff we all have to celebrate and that's what we should be celebrating, not the ugly parts of our past and history."  Well said Chief White!  Mr. Linder your group can be admired for the efforts you all do to promote Victoria Day in Nanaimo but no one really knows that because it is held under the guise of 'Empire Days.' If as you say,  "We still have Queen Victoria's birthday, that's what we're really celebrating," or celebrating the Cities heritage then change the name. This City has far more heritage to celebrate than that of Empire..
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